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Stock & Bedding Work

Fitting, Pillar, Epoxy Bedding, Bottom Metal:


Stocks are a very personal thing. As long as you select a quality manufacturer, we will use it in your build. A great option are those manufactured by Manners and Mcmillan. Recently, chassis systems have become popular. If you think you would like to use one, we can make several recommendations.


Bedding is the process where the stock is fitted into the action. Once the fitting is correct, the action is set in a bed of industrial steel epoxy. By doing this the action is married to the stock in a stress-free manor ensuring shot-to-shot consistency. We also install pillars as needed depending on the application. The pillars allow the action to be properly torqued into the stock without crushing or compromising the stock's integrity. We take great pride in our bedding process. When completed it appears as an integral part of the stock.



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