Fully Licensed Class 3

Dealer and Manufacturer

W.A.R. Rifles

8391 Euclid Avenue, Unit H

Manassas Park, VA 20111




Threading, Chamber, Crowning:


Only the finest barrels in the industry (e.g. Schneider, Krieger, Bartlein and Brux) assures you of the highest level of accuracy.


The entire barrel fitting process is done on the same lathe setup, thus assuring that all aspects of the barrel are consistent.


All of our chambering is done true to the bore so the bullet enters the the rifling perfectly aligned and is the foundation of an accurate rifle.


Threads are machined to the highest standards ensuring a precise fit.


The barrel is finished by placing an indicator on the bore of the muzzle. Then a precision crown is cut. If desired, threading for suppressors or muzzle brakes can be done.




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